Abbaye de la Maigrauge Fribourg

A pleasant discovery in Fribourg is the Abbaye de la Maigrauge tucked away in the Sarine Valley.

This is an ancient monastery of Cistercian nuns that was founded in 1255.

Here are the opening times for the shop where there is an interesting selection of jams, syrups, biscuits etc. all made using wholesome traditional methods and organic food:

Heures d'ouverture
en semaine :

9.15h-11.15h         14.30h-16.30h

The church is well worth a visit as it is completely different in style from other religious monuments in Fribourg. The simplicity of the interior of the Abbaye church compared to the ornateness of St Nicolas Cathedral, for example, is very striking and impressive.

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Abbaye de la Maigrauge Fribourg