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  • Living off Nature ! what to gather when ?

    24 mars 2017 ( #survival in Fribourg )

    LIVING OFF NATURE - WHEN AND WHAT TO GATHER ON YOUR COUNTRY WALKS DANDELION LEAVES: MID-MARCH to MID-APRIL (avoid cultivated fields) AIL DES OURS: MID-MARCH to MID-APRIL (smell first- onion smell- do not confuse with lily-of-the-valley) NETTLES: FROM...

  • The Swiss looking at themselves - Dis-moi quelque chose en suisse

    13 novembre 2014 ( #books )

    For newcomers trying to understand the Swiss mentality this book offers some enlightenment. Yes, the Swiss do have a sense of humour. This book written by Veronique Chatel can be found in the BCUF. Happy reading.

  • Fribourg Festivals and Events

    06 octobre 2013 ( #Fribourg festivals )

    CALENDAR OF FESTIVALS/EVENTS January * Fête des Rois February* Carnival link Salons de Modeste CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION Environmental Film Festival link March* Fribourg International Film Festival Carnival April* Easter May* Nature Festival Museum...

  • Shopping in Switzerland / or how shopping for a piano can lead to a wild goose chase around the cow pastures of Fribourg

    11 février 2015 ( #survival in Fribourg )

    Follow this link for tips on how to shop for a piano in Fribourg:

  • Bramble bashing in “Verdilloud”

    26 juin 2016 ( #survival in Fribourg )

    Have you ever tried taking a shortcut across country in this forest? My advice is “don't”.This morning, on my leisurely stroll in a quiet part of the forest, I saw a horse (and rider) coming towards me in the distance. Annoyed at this interruption to...

  • Tips for living in Fribourg

    23 décembre 2016 ( #survival in Fribourg )

    SHOPPING IN SWITZERLAND Have you ever wondered whether prices in Switzerland are grossly inflated? CLICK HERE FOR PRICE COMPARISONS The website : shows price comparisons for different categories of consumer goods. FOOD...

  • English language newspapers and magazines in Fribourg

    09 janvier 2014 ( #books )

    Do you know that there is free access to English language newspapers and magazines in Fribourg? These are available in the READING ROOM of the - Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire Fribourg- Rue Joseph-Piller 2, CH - 1701 Fribourg, Centrale téléphonique...

  • books

    07 novembre 2013 ( #books )

    FOUND IN FRIBOURG CANTONAL LIBRARY LE PEUPLE DES MOUTONS (in French) by Rémy Cosandey Why the Swiss nearly always vote against their own interests.... This recent book on Swiss politics was published in 2011. Discover the rarely discussed issues of Swiss...

  • Fribourg walks

    23 juin 2017

    30 walks around Fribourg from the Flying Kiwi Switzerland is a walker's paradise. Everywhere you go, walking circuits are clearly marked on yellow panels. You are guaranteed an enjoyable circuit in lush pastures or silent forests away from the noise of...